GA Union Technology Co. is one of the invested companies of a leading Taiwanese public automotive group.

    We manufacture and supply timing drive systems (tensioner, pulley, timing chain kit), window regulators and suspension / steering parts for automotive market. Moreover we have ball joint, tie rod end and steering parts for ATV, agricultural and forklift vehicle. All the parts are manufactured in our Taiwan production sites.
Our parts have been supplied to US, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, South America and Japan of monthly shipments along with positive recognition from our customers in these regions.
Besides manufacturing parts mentioned above, we also provide sourcing service for our customers in the fields of vehicle accessories and parts. 
Our mission is to manufacture and supply products with safety, stability and superiority. 
We appreciate your interest and inquiry to us in soon future. 

Made in Taiwan 

 Conflict Minerals Policy

GA Union is committed to using conflict-free minerals by not accepting gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), and Tungsten (W) originated from militant-controlled mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries. We also sent surveys to our suppliers, requesting them to adopt a similar policy and to trace origins of all minerals used in their products. GA Union expects its suppliers to supply conflict-free materials to GA Union and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities set out below.

1. GA Union will fulfill its social and environmental responsibilities.

2. GA Union will not use conflict minerals originated from militant-controlled mines in the         Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries.

3.GA Union will request its suppliers to disclose origins of Au, Ta, Sn, and W used in any product   supplied to GA Union and provide “Declaration of Conflict-Material Free” and “EICC and GeSI Conflict   Minerals Reporting Template”.

4. GA Union will request its suppliers to send similar request to their suppliers.